Friday, June 1, 2012

Luna Blanca, Mexico location

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with anyone mentioned in this blog post. I'm yet to go on my vacation, so my directions could easily be wrong. Use on your own risk, and make sure you do your own research

I am not certain why, but it seems that there is a problem locating our hotel in Puerto Penasco. Hotel name is Luna Blanca, and it took me hours to get an idea how to get there. It's not on Google maps, and there is no address mentioned on their website, neither it is on any other sites which are reselling and renting out. This is really weird, considering that the last thing you would want as a realtor, is for your client to get lost in Mexico.

They gave us following directions, but I sort of found them cumbersome. They give me no idea whatsoever where on the map is this resort located.

At the end, I even started becoming worried, if we would make it there. it would certainly suck to get stuck in foreign country, 250 miles from home.

I think, I finally got it. So, for those of you who are as lost as I am, here are some pointers:

GPS coordinates: 31.254212, -113.298880

How to get there

As you see, it's not on Sandy beach hotel/resort cluster. Hope we get there fine and have a great vacation!

UPDATE: Apparently, if I dug enough at their website and payed attention, I could have found this map, which also gives pretty good idea where to go.