Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Ain't Thanking Nobody

This goes ridiculous.

You run a piece of software, and it wants you to "help us improve", which is a euphemism for "we are going to track what you are doing". Free software and they want you to contribute in another way? Hell no! This thing in not only paid for, but also fairly expensive. Outrageous? Wait, it gets better!

"No, thank you"? Why would I thank someone for an attempt to invade my privacy? If you are trying to sneak your spyware onto my PC, then I caught you red-handed. So, in order to avoid being tracked I must now THANK you?

If you'd rather not participate, simply click "No, thank you" below.

I see privacy as my right. I don't need to thank anyone for leaving me alone. So, if you are looking to "offer" me your spyware, don't put this "No, thank you" buttons, it's like adding insult to injury. I'd much better prefer "No, F*CK you" button, it will at least honestly reflect what I feel about your programs

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