Saturday, July 7, 2012

Upgrade CPU on Lenovo Y410, enable virtualization

My laptop has been working satisfactory for me so far, especially after SSD upgrade, however the fact that it was running a T5200 Core Duo CPU with no hardware virtualization was preventing me from taking advantage of some useful features, such as: building gitian packages.

Solution was easy and cost me $10: buy a used T7250 on e-bay and plug it in. Not only it supports virtualization, but it is also noticeably faster.

Replacement takes 5 minutes

It is really worth noting here, how inexpensive developer-grade hardware could be these days.

There were reports of more powerful upgrades possible for that laptop (T8000 and T9000 series). Nevertheless, the T7250 seems like an excellent value for money to me. You get faster laptop and virtualization support for ten bucks - that's unbeatable.


  1. Has anyone been able to upgrade to something better like a T8100?

  2. I tried to upgrade my laptop (lenovo3000 y410) processor to T6600 a core 2 duo processor, at first, it works fine, but when I tried to do multitask, my laptop suddenly shutdown, I don't know why.

  3. hi were you able to get the laptop to recognize 64 bit?

  4. Lenovo 7757 y410 processor upgrade which Can it take I3?