Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am REALLY sick of junk mail

I feel for USPS for losing money, I really do. Mainly, because it's my money that they are losing. But their methods for getting them back are mildly speaking unacceptable.

Every week I'm getting pile of crap, which I have to dispose, which USPS is being paid for. Not just that, but the others are on the wagon. "To current resident". "To our friends". Who the hell is your friends? I'm anything but a friend to annoying spammer.

The biggest problem here, aside from annoyance is that someone makes $$$ by wasting other people's time. That really is a form of theft. Even though it's not illegal, they do waste time of many-many people, and none of them is compensated a dime. But someone does pocket a check for that activity, otherwise it would not be going on.

To add insult to injury they started bulk-mailing me newspaper-print magazines, which cannot even be conveniently carried to a trash box, because they shed the leaflets, like it's fall here. Or, maybe it is fall, I don't give a damn, they are not birches anyway.

So, I print a sticker and put it into a mailbox, which asks postman (politely) to stop dropping junk into my mailbox. The next day - another magazine.

Here's what I'm going to do next: I printed a bunch of labels, which I'm going to carry with me in my car at all times now. Every piece of junk will get one and go straight back to the outgoing mailbox:

Sender: This household charges for disposal of the unsolicited 
mail. Stop mailing us junk. By continuing to send unsolicited 
mails you agree to be billed up to $50 per page.

Do I expect anyone to pay $50/page? No. I expect postman to get annoyed and stop delivering junk to me. But maybe some of the "advertisers" get the message as well.

If you feel the same way as I do, go ahead, download the PDF, or the ODT, print the stickers and go ahead send the message to your local spammers. They are for Avery 48862 templates, the cheapest one I could get in walmart.

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